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RopeSmart Switch

Heading and Heeling, and lets not forget training rope horses. Based off science and the talents of the top ropers, not opinions. Tools that produce results, and truly break through bad muscle memory. 3 level for heading, 3 levels for heeling, safety systems for horses, training tools for training horses and new ropers. Rope - Real - Win

The New Z2 No-Tear Tagging System

The new Z2 No-Tear-Tagger features a revolutionary dual-action kickback jaw that automatically retracts once the tag is inserted. Together with a handy flip-out pin, the Z2 tagger virtually eliminates ripped and torn ears, even when tagging young calves.

Ask the Pro's with Chad Mathes

Featuring the latest from the Heel-O-Matic, The Hox Heeling Dummy. Chad talks about a new drill he's been using on the ground to replicate the correct swing in a run.

Texas Fence Fixer

There is no faster way to tighten up your fence. The Texas Fence Fixer will tighten barbed wire, electric fence wire, horse fencing or net wire fence. This unique tool is simple in design and easy to use. It is durable and has a lifetime replacement guarantee. There is no need to remove staples or tie wires. Rely on the Texas Fence Fixer to save your time and your fence.

Nex Calf Roping Dummy

Eight-time world champion Joe Beaver has teamed up with Heel-O-Matic Training Systems to design and produce a premiere calf roping dummy available in December 2012. Joe's philosophy has long been that you've got to rope the neck to win. This best-in-class dummy combines many state-of-the-art features to help ropers practice perfectly and win.

Jake's Wire Tightener Video

This wire tightener does the job, Insert the clip, a couple of quick turns of the turning tool and your job is done. There is nothing on the market that compares with this wire tightener. It was made by a Rancher for Ranchers!

Purina Wind and Rain® Storm™ Cattle Minerals

No Storm is too powerful for Purina's New Wind and Rain® Storm™ Minerals. It's a Difference You Can See™ with the ultimate weather resistance, providing even more protection from weather than our previous Wind and Rain® Minerals. That means more mineral in the feeder and more mineral available to your cattle.

Controlling Flies on Your Cattle

"Better Animals® Discussion: Controlling Flies on Your Cattle" Dr. Ron Scott and Dr. Chris Forcherio sit down with Animal Makeover host Joe Marlotti and discuss the benenfits of controlling flies on your cattle and techniques of how to do this.

Funny Commercial - Talking Rabbit Gets Excited About Food

Funny Commercial - Talking Rabbit Gets Excited About Food

Supplemental Feeding Program for Deer

Supplemental Feeding Program for Deer. Joe Marlotti talks with Dr. Larry Varner about antler development and the effects that a supplemental feed, like Antler Max®, has on their growth.

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Valentine’s Day Tack Sale

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We're having a 14% off Valentine’s Day Tack Sale! Horse Halters, Headstalls & Breastcollars are 14% off this month for Valentine's Day! Not valid with any other discounts or sales.
Valid: 02/01/2017 - 02/28/2017
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Pet Dental Month

2/1/17 8:00am until 2/28/17 6:00pm
February is Pet Dental Month! Come check out the products we offer and see what sales we have on all the dental care items! Keep your pets pearly whites in tip-top shape this month, and every other month all year long!

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