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  • Total Equine® Essentials

    Manufacturer: Total Equine

     is formulated to provide the essential minerals and vitamins that an equine requires as well as the level of Ascophyllum nodosum for maximum blood flow and nerve health in a 1.0 lb. per day feeding rate. It provides the same level of micro nutrients as 4.0 lb. of Total Equine™ or Total Equine© LNSC.  Total Equine™ Essentials is formulated to reduce to a minimum the amount of NSC in the ration.  This makes it safe for all equine including Insulin Resistant horses.

  • Total Equine® LNSC

    Manufacturer: Total Equine

    Total Equine® LNSC is formulated and designed for the horse suffering from Insulin Resistance or Cushing’s Syndrome.  It contains 16% Non-Structural Carbohydrate.  When fed with hay it provides a ration that is safe for any horse with IR or Cushing’s.

  • Weight Gain Essentials for Horses

    Manufacturer: Formula 707

    Use to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in horses of all ages. Some horses are hard keepers. No matter what or how much you feed them, they have trouble keeping on weight. Often the problem can be traced back to the first stage of digestion, the teeth. If the teeth have grown uneven, it’s just a matter of “floating” them back to a uniform height to facilitate mastication. For other horses, however—horses with good teeth and no other digestion-related ailments—failure to maintain a healthy weight can be a combination of genetics, age and workload.

  • Natural Stride® Joint Supplement for Horses

    Natural Stride® Joint Supplement for Horses is a proprietary blend of uniquely balanced ingredients, carefully designed for greater relief from swelling, painful joints, faster recovery times and superior performance in young and old animals alike. Natural Stride® Joint Supplements can enhance mobility and flexibility while protecting structural integrity in all classes of livestock.

  • Natural Stride® Hip and Joint Dog Chews

    Our Maximum Strength Natural Stride® Joint Supplement for Dog Chews combined to most researched and effective ingredients currently available to fight arthritis and hip dysplasia. The highest level of ingredients per Chews will insure that your pet will get the most benefits possible out of any supplements. It's combination of Cetyl Myristoleate, Glucosamine HCL and Sulfate, MSM, Vitamin C, Yucca, and Hyaluronic Acid synergistically work together to help alleviate stiffness and pain due to arthritis and hip dysplasia.

  • MuscleMx Muscle Supplement for Horses

    Manufacturer: Formula 707

    A horse’s body tends to add new muscle cells at its own pace, which is sometimes slower than horsemen would prefer. Even young, growing horses receiving plenty of exercise often need a little help to pack dense muscle onto their limber frames. And as horses mature—especially horses recovering from the trauma of injury, disease, or severe stress—growing new muscle becomes an uphill battle.

  • Rambo®  Grand Prix "Mack in a Sack"

    Manufacturer: Horseware Ireland

    This lightweight waterproof rug protects your horse and tack from the elements. It has an integrated neck cover, stirrup slits and belly strap, ideal for use on rainy show days. Comes with a handy storage bag.

  • Rambo® Sports Vibe Massage Therapy for Horses

    Manufacturer: Horseware Ireland

    Designed and created by the team who brought you Ice-Vibe, Sportz-Vibe is the most comfortable, lightweight and portable massage therapy rug for horses. Ideal as a warm up or recovery rug, it helps to warm up muscles before work and ease soreness and stiffness afterwards, and is ideal for maintening muscular well-being throughout the year.

  • Z Tag® Z2 Ear Tagging System

    Manufacturer: Z Tags

    Virtually eliminates ripped and torn ears. The new Z2 No-Tear-Tagger features a revolutionary dual-action kickback jaw that automatically retracts once the tag is inserted. Together with a handy flip-out pin, the Z2 tagger virtually eliminates ripped and torn ears, even when tagging young calves.

  • Rambo Iconic Boots

    Manufacturer: Horseware Ireland

    Introducing our new Iconic Therapy technology. The inner fabric of the rug is printed with the powdered form of a crystal called Tourmaline. Tournmaline releases Negative ions, thich cause a change in the water in the horses body, increasing blood flow to important area such as muscles. 

  • Rambo Iconic Track Blanket

    Manufacturer: Horseware Ireland

    Introducing our new Iconic Therapy technology. The inner fabric of the rug is printed with the powdered form of a crystal called Tourmaline. Tournmaline releases Negative ions, thich cause a change in the water in the horses body, increasing blood flow to important area such as muscles. 

  • Ice-Vibe Knee Wrap

    Manufacturer: Horseware Ireland

    Many horses suffer from knee problems as a result of bad confirmation, competition or just old age. Treating knees can be both expensive and unsuccessful.

    Ice-Vibe has developed Ice-Vibe Knee: boots that wrap around the knee similar to a human knee support. They have a removable cold pack that Velcros on to the top of the wrap to prevent it slipping, while the massage panel sits at the front of the knee.

    The cold pack can be heated in warm water to combine heat and massage before exercise to help reduce stiffness. Ice-Vibe knee are wireless, rechargeable, easy to use and portable. They are sold in pairs and we recommend treating both legs even if only one leg is injured.

  • Ice-Vibe Hock Wrap

    Manufacturer: Horseware Ireland

    The shape and movement of the hock makes hock problems some of the most difficult to treat. In response to the need for an effective hock treatment, Ice-Vibe have developed Ice-Vibe Hock: comfortable neoprene boots that wrap around the hock. Built in pockets hold the massaging panel that can be used on the inside or the outside of the hock and cold packs can go on either side of the hock. The cold packs can be heated in warm water to combine heat and massage before exercise to help reduce stiffness.

  • Ice-Vibe Extra Full Boots

    Manufacturer: Horseware Ireland

    Extra full ICE-VIBE boots are designed for use on front and hind legs on bigger boned horses and for horses with long canon bones. Developed as a result of feedback from riders, extra-full ICE-VIBE boots can be used to treat hind legs after hard training or competition.

  • Heel-O-Matic Leap Steer Heading Dummy

    Manufacturer: Heel-O-Matic

    Whether you’re a PRCA pro or just swinging your first rope, the heading dummy from Heel-O-Matic provides full curl practice sessions that will improve your accuracy, sharpen your skills, and give novice ropers a controlled practice experience to build rope handling skills.

  • Winners Rodeo Supply Tying Dummies

    Model: WRS-RopingDummies

    Leg and body ends are stained for better looks and durability. All models are pre-drilled on head end to make it easier to mount a calf head on the dummy. The legs are a more life like angle than being straight up and down for more realistic tying. Adjustable tension on the legs for all models.

  • Cactus Prodigy 31' Head Rope

    Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

    Cactus Ropes introduces the new 3-strand, 100% nylon Prodigy into Trevor Brazile's Relentless line. This rope combines snap, body, tip weight, and a consistent feel into a medium diameter rope. The Prodigy is the perfect 3-strand  complement to the TNT, Xplosion, and C-4, and a welcome addition into the Relentless line.

  • Bar F Light Up Bell Boots

    These boots, similar to our Bar-F No-Turn Bell Boot, provide outstanding protection to the hoof and pastern areas.  Within these boot, though, are flashing lights that are sure to get attention in the arena. These boots are made from the same durable Coverlight material as our normal bell boots, but with flashing lights. They are very similar to the kids light up tennis shoes.

  • Troxel® Rebel Riding Helmet

    Manufacturer: Troxel Helmets

    Built for bold performance and comfort, the Rebel arms western riders with high-end features that make this helmet ideal for a little rebellious riding. Embrace your edgy side! The Rebel gets a new look with Troxel’s animal print headliners! For the wild at heart.

  • Circle Y Western Shoulder Bridge Pad

    Model: 0041

    Based on our saddle fitting experience, we've introduced this bridge pad to accommodate a horse with muscle atrophy, or hollows, behind the shoulder blades combined with prominent withers. It's available in two widths: 3/4" or 1". The 3/4" thickness is for a horse with moderate hollows and the 1" is for more pronounced hollows.

  • Impact Gel Build Up Pad

    Model: buildup

    Supports the front of the saddle from collapsing in the area behind the shoulder as a result of muscle loss, ill saddle fit or conformation. Works well for older horses with a diminishing top line or horses with very high withers. This close-contact design is crafted for maximum fit.

  • HOOey Wallets

    Modern Rodeo apparel for the modern cowboy. Whether you work to tie one in six or live to rip the perfect wake or just enjoy blasting vertical down a mountain face - HOOey is as HOOey does.

  • Billy Cook Youth Roper 13.5'' Saddle

    13-1/2" seat. Ralide® youth roper seat. Short post horn with 3-1/2" tooled Cheyenne roll cantle. Full double stainless dees riggings. Natural gold with basket tooling, roughout jockey and fenders and 2" laced bell stirrups. Weight: 28 lbs.

  • Jaco Brands Tack Products

    Jaco Brands offers unique styles of high-quality leather tack products. Jaco tack includes working equine tack as well as accessories. Each piece is made in the USA, hand-dyed and personally burnt by their employees in-house.

  • Aztec Bling Stirrups

    Rhinestones are attached with an industrial strength, weatherproof glue and will last for years without losing a stone with proper care!