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  • Legacy System Hind - Pattern

    Manufacturer: Classic Equine

    Made of 100% virgin perforated neoprene that allows the leg to breathe and heat to escape so your horse's legs stay cooler. A round cut box stitched hook-and-loop attachment with an aggressive closure makes the Legacy more secure. A shock absorbing splint pad gives maximum protection to the splint bone, tendons, and other soft tissues. The refined splint pad guards against crossfire injuries and allows for a closer, cleaner fit. A suspensory rib is positioned between the tendon and the cannon bone to ensure proper boot alignment. A patented Cradle Fetlock System provides maximum support and protection to the lower limb by a double layer of shock absorbing neoprene. An extended layer of tough, bulletproof material fitted on the cup area ensures durability. A series of fitting darts provides for a clean, close fit. Bound edges help keep dirt and debris out.

  • Fusogard® Foot Rot Vaccination for Cattle

    Manufacturer: Elanco

    Foot rot, a disease caused by several environmental and management factors, has drastic negative impacts on animal performance and profitability. Fusogard® is an effective protection strategy against losses associated with both foot rot and liver abscesses.

  • Heavy Duty Unpainted Gates

    Manufacturer: Linn Post & Pipe

    Our durable heavy duty gates carry a 5 year guarantee on breaking from animal abuse. These gate are made out of 1.66 dia. high tensile tubing and all joints are coped and 45 degree cut top corners for superior strength. All gates come with your choice of hinges and latches for wood or steel posts.

    Our stock lengths are: 4',6',8',10',12',14',16',18',20', or we can custom build to any length you need.

    Painting available on all gates.

  • Free Standing Panels

    Our 24' Free Standing Panels are the best built panels on the market! We work hard to make your life easier! Once you buy our panels, no others will ever be good enough again!

  • CALF-GUARD® Calf Vaccination

    Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

    CALF-GUARD® contains attenuated strains of bovine rotavirus and bovine coronavirus propagated on established cell lines and freeze-dried to preserve stability. Contains penicillin and streptomycin as preservatives.


  • High Country Plastics 100 Gallon Stock Tank

    100 Gallon Stock Tank with an 1.25" drain plug. Durable, impact resistant poly construction to absorb force with out breaking or cracking. Aqua Green color only.

  • The Sittner “All Steel” Cattle Oiler

    The Sittner Cattle Oiler is the least expensive and most effective insect control available, not to mention the easiest way to apply insecticide to your herd.

    The Sittner Insecticide Applicator / Groomer works like a sprayer, a backrubber, an oiler -- all in one.
    Saves money because it eliminates the need for spraying and dipping for insect control.
    Saves weight and production losses because your cattle treat themselves before pest infestations build up enough to cut gains and productions.
    Saves time because your animals treat themselves. The patented dispensing method applies insecticide only on the animal's hide when and where it rubs.
    Saves replacement costs. All steel construction holds up no matter how large the animals or how heavily they rub.

  • 6000i Unigizer Electric Fence Charger

    Model: 6000i

    Fully featured. Remote control capable. Can be used in 110V, battery or solar power applications, providing convenient, versatile livestock control. Powers up to 60 miles (240 acres) of fence. 6 J maximum output energy (9 J stored energy).

  • Linn Continuous Fence Panels

    Our continuous fencing is not only rugged and strong, but an attractive, eye pleasing addition to your farm or ranch. They are offered in 20' sections and in various heights ranging from four to seven horizontal bars. All standard fencing has six solid 3/4" rod vertical supports for superior strength , while our horse fencing is available with four. (painting is available on all panels)
    Heavy Duty continuous fencing is also available for those heavy crowding situations. Made out of the same materials as our guaranteed gates, this fence is built to take the abuse that cattle are sure to give in working conditions.

  • Troxel® Fallon Taylor Helmet

    Manufacturer: Troxel Helmets

    Take a ride on the wild side! Designed and inspired by World Champion Barrel Racer, Fallon Taylor. 

  • Northwest Wade McCall Saddle

    The original Wade tree has become a mainstay of the slick fork trees. Coming from the Oregon cow country it has been copied many times over. Our McCall version is true to the traditional Wade style. Our McCall style bars fit the horse tremendously well. One of our most popular styles. Its easy to see why.

  • Lady Wade / Wade Lite McCall Saddle

    One of our own designs and a current bestseller. This design is for the individual looking for an extremely comfortable lighter weight Wade with a specially designed narrower seat. McCall’s special in-skirt Hamley plate rigging is designed and shaped like a flat plate and pulls like a flat plate without the bulkiness and weight. It’s plenty stout enough to drag calves to the fire or do a full days work without the weight and bulkiness. A real winner no matter how you look at it.

  • Heel-O-Matic® Bones 2.0 Heading Dummy

    The BONES 2.0, from Heel-O-Matic, is the most advanced portable heading dummy on the market, combining a look and feel rivaled only by roping live cattle. The BONES 2.0 features an anatomically correct head, a lower headset, and gives headers the most common look they see roping live cattle. This helps ropers practice the proper swing angles, loop placement, and muscle memory to rope the horns.

  • GrassSaver® Biscuits With Tasty Peanut Butter 

    GrassSaver® peanut butter flavored biscuits taste like a treat! A healthy supplement to help rid your lawn of yellow spots. This unique formula contains a synergistic combination of B-Complex vitamins and amino acids. Yucca contained in GrassSaver® also helps to reduce stool odor.

  • Koehn Kalf Karrier

    Kalf Karrier helps ranchers with back or mobility impairments to bring newborn calves in from pasture. When a calf is born far out on pasture, it can be a challenge to bring it back to the barn or corral, especially in rough terrain. The Kalf Karrier attaches to any 2" receiver hitch.

  • Ozark® Bot Egg Knife 4-inch Blade

    Manufacturer: Ozark Model: 19450

    The safe efficient way to remove bot eggs. It has no sharp edges to gouge the horse and can be used by the youngest rider with safety. Can also be used to remove old hair, also trim and groom mane and tail. Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel to last a lifetime.

  • Copper Cowboy Spurs 

    Manufacturer: Professional Choice Model: PCSP-110

    Copper Cowboy   

  • Ozark Saddle King Of Texas King Ranch Cutter Saddle 

    Reinforced rawhide tree with 5 year guarantee. 15" hard seat, full Quarter Horse bars, 12- 1/2" swell. 3" Cheyenne roll with rawhide overlay cantle. 3-3/4" leather covered horn 2-3/8" diameter. Stainless steel dee front & back. Hand tooled barbed wire basket pattern with roughout jockey & fender. Aluminum Oxbow stirrups.

  • Ozark Saddle King Of Texas The Supreme Rawhide Roper Roughout Saddle 

    Model: 1342

    Poly-ride tree with 5 year guarantee. Padded seat in 15, 16 or 17 inches, semi Quarter Horse bars, 11 1/2" swell. 4" Cheyenne roll with rawhide overlay cantle. 3-3/4" leather covered horn 2-3/8" diameter. Stainless steel dee front & back. Oak leaf corner tooling on skirts, roughout jockey & fender. 2" laced rawhide covered bell stirrups.

  • Ozark Saddle King Of Texas Old West Roper Saddle 

    The Old West Roper by Saddle King of Texas features a medium oil finish with hand-tooled, braided basket pattern, roughout seat, jockey & fender, and solid brass conchos. Full stirrup leathers w/ numbered holes, leather tie strap & off billet, saddle strings through the tree.

  • Billy Cook Lone Star Wade Ranch Roper Saddle

    The Wade Ranch Roper features a hand carved, exquisite Leaf design on a Bullhide covered Wade tree. The ‘Old West’ motif is enhanced with tooled leather ‘Powder River’ plate rigging, pinked cantle binder, wide ‘Pie horn’ with Muleskin wrap, exposed hand tooled stirrup leathers and long Latigo strings. The ‘rough-out’ leather seat jockey and fenders increase friction for more ‘stay in the saddle’.

  • Billy Cook Silver Show Barrel Racer Saddle 2001

    Welcome to beauty, speed, and durability. This Billy Cook silver show barrel racer promises to help your horse perform to his fullest potential. From the rawhide braided horn to the bell laced stirrups, this saddle has the beautiful craftsmanship that we've come to expect from Billy Cook. It's built on a rawhide covered tree with Quarter horse bars and features a cantle with rawhide silver laced overlay and in-skirt rigging. The light leather features floral and Half Breed tooling with roughout fenders and the seat has a unique quilted design. 21 strand cinch included.

  • Circle Y Clearwater Flex2 Trail Saddle

    Model: 2379

    The new Clearwater Flex2® trail saddle has much more than eye-catching appeal! The silver spot detail in the floral hand tooling provides the look you want with superior comfort for you and your horse. The 14″ wide swell and 5″ cantle provide a secure seat and back support. The cut out skirt shape allows closer contact and more precise cueing. The soft, Impact Foam seat, already broke in Softee® seat jockeys, and EBS stirrups which reduce joint fatigue give you total comfort in a brand new saddle. Spotted cross conchos paired with stainless steel hardware resist rust and corrosion.

  • Hay Chix™ Hay Cinch Net 

    Model: L212X6H

    2 1/2" (Large Stock) opening size. Hay capacity: 6' diameter round bale, 4' x 4' x 8' or 3' x 3' x 9' large square bale. Closure: cinch rope & hoggle (Handle/Toggle). Equine-quality, UV-treated DuPont fiber netting. Made in USA.

  • Agrilabs® Colostrx® Colostrum for Calves

    Calf health, alertness, eagerness to feed and feed efficiency all track back to that first dose of colostrum. Quality colostrum contains the IgG proteins required to transfer the mother’s immunity to its calf to protect it from diseases. It also contains bioactive growth factors that trigger and support its nervous and digestive systems.