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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Neogen
  • Model Number: 4016

Small, blue. Corrosion resistant, light weight plastic balling guns for the cost conscious producer. 

  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health
  • Model Number: 365-7948

Each tablet contains 250 mg of oxytetracycline HCL. For beef and dairy calves. A broad spectrum antibiotic for the control and treatement of the following desases of beef and dairy calves caused by organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline: bacteria enteritis caused by Salmonella typhimuirum and Escherichia coli and bacterial pneumonia caused by Pasterella multocide.

  • Model Number: VJA1

Kit includes the Digital Hanging Scale (APAA) and the Calf Sling. 

  • Manufacturer: Coburn Company
  • Model Number: 24327

WIMCO Multiple Dose Balling Gun may be loaded with several boluses for multiple dosing. The Gun is made of heavy-duty brass and is plated with copper, nickel and chrome and will not readily serrate as aluminum can. The barrel end is especially curved in to eliminate sharp edges which could injure the animal's mouth. The Gun is easily disassembled for thorough cleaning. Gun will hold boluses up to 480 grams. A barrel stop may be adjusted to control the number of boluses given to prevent accidently administering more than desired.

Nutri-Drench for Cattle is measurable in the bloodstream in 10 minutes and 50% is absorbed within 30 minutes (99% utilization). Go on feed fast! Vital energy before, during and after shipping. Increase weight gain. Energy boost for newborn calves. Enables the scouring calf to assimilate critical nutrients. Reduce disease incident, treatment time and death loss. No withdrawal.

  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

RE-SORB® is an electrolyte-glycine powder that is mixed with water and administered orally to calves to treat dehydration associated with diarrhea (Scours) in calves.

  • Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health

For lactating and non lactating Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Calves, Sheep, lactating and non-lactating Dairy Goats and Horses not intended for human consumption. Broad spectrum and fast acting insecticide against lice, horn flies, face flies, horse flies, stable flies, mosquitos, black flies and ticks.

  • Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

Provides control of biting and sucking lice. Kills louse eggs (nits) before they hatch. One application controls lice. No pre-slaughter or milk with-holding period. Each case sold with applicator gun.

  • Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

Permectrin® CDS Pour-On Insecticide is a synergized formula for direct use on beef cattle, dairy cattle (including lactating), sheep, lambs, horses and foals for the control of a variety of pests listed on the label.

An effective pour on formulation that provides treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms (including inhibited Ostertagia ostertagi), lungworms, grubs, horn flies, sucking and biting lice and sarcoptic mange mites in cattle.

  • Model Number: 0028326

For use in healthy cattle, sheep, and goats to help prevent over-eating disease (enterotoxemia) caused by Cl. perfringens Types C & D.

  • Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health

For the vaccination of healthy cattle, 3 months of age or older, as an aid in the prevention of respiratory disease caused by IBR, BVD (Type 2), and BRSV and as an aid in the control of disease caused by BVD (Type 1), PI3, Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida. Duration of Immunity (DOI) has been demonstrated to be at least 1 year for IBR and BVD (Types 1 & 2) and at least 16 weeks for Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida. 

  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

For use in healthy cattle and calves three months of age or older as an aid in preventing blackleg caused by Clostridium chauvoei, malignant edema caused by Cl. septicum, black disease caused by Cl. novyi, gas-gangrene caused by Cl. sordellii, enterotoxemia and enteritis caused by Cl. perfringens Types B, C and D, and disease caused by Histophilus somni (Haemophilus somnus). Although Cl. perfringens Type B is not a significant problem in North America, immunity is provided by the beta toxoid of Type C and the epsilon toxoid of Type D. Ultrabac 7/Somubac consists of killed, standardized cultures of Cl. chauvoei, Cl. septicum, Cl. novyi, Cl. sordellii, Cl. perfringens Types C and D, and H. somni, with an adjuvant. Available in a 10 dose or 50 dose.

  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

Prevents persistently infected (PI) calves caused by bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus Types 1 and 2 and aids in preventing abortion caused by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) virus and respiratory disease caused by IBR, BVD Types 1 and 2, and parainfluenza3 (PI3) virus; BVD Type 2 testicular infection; campylobacteriosis (vibriosis) caused by Campylobacter fetus and leptospirosis caused by the five Leptospira serovars. A 12-month duration of immunity (DOI) has been demonstrated against IBR induced abortion and persistently infected calves caused by BVD Types 1 and 2.

  • Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

The PYRAMID PRESPONSE family of vaccines are single-dose products providing broad coverage of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) Types 1 and 2, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), parainfluenza-3 (PI3), bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV), which are modified live viruses (MLV), and Mannheimia haemolytica with options for various combinations dependent upon product. PYRAMID PRESPONSE delivers enhanced efficacy with the help of the MetaStim® adjuvant system, enhancing the animal’s response to the vaccine for greater protection. Available in a 10 dose or 50 dose.

  • Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health

For use in healthy cattle as an aid in preventing disease caused by Clostridium chauvoei (Blackleg), septicum (Malignant edema), novyi (Black disease), sordellii and perfringens Types C & D (Enterotoxemia), and Moraxella bovis (Pinkeye, or infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis). 50 dose bottle.

  • Manufacturer: Elanco

Foot rot, a disease caused by several environmental and management factors, has drastic negative impacts on animal performance and profitability. Fusogard® is an effective protection strategy against losses associated with both foot rot and liver abscesses.

  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

CALF-GUARD® contains attenuated strains of bovine rotavirus and bovine coronavirus propagated on established cell lines and freeze-dried to preserve stability. Contains penicillin and streptomycin as preservatives.


  • Model Number: 178B

The Model 178B, a breech loading projector, is an air rifle designed for the person who has limited or occasional use for an immobilizing gun. Its design is simple yet effective.

Supra Sulfa® III Calf Boluses are intended for oral administration to ruminating replacement calves (calves over one 1 month old that are not on an all-milk diet). Aids in the treatment of the following diseases when caused by one or more of the following pathogenic organisms sensitive to sulfamethazine: Bacterial Pneumonia, Colibacillosis and Calf Diphtheria.

  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

For increase rate of weight gain in steers and heifers more than 45 days of age and up to 400 pounds of body weight. For use in suckling beef calves 45 days or older. On average, calves implanted with SYNOVEX C wean 19 pounds heavier than non-implanted calves. Safe for steers and heifer calves, including potential replacement heifers* up to approximately 400 lbs of body weight. A growth-promoting implant containing 100 mg of progesterone and 10 mg of estradiol benzoate.

  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

INFORCE 3 is for the vaccination of healthy cattle, including pregnant cows, for the prevention of respiratory disease caused by BRSV, and as an aid in preventing respiratory disease caused by IBR and PI3.

  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

ScourGuard 4KC is for the vaccination of healthy, pregnant cows and heifers as an aid in preventing diarrhea in their calves caused by bovine rotavirus (serotypes G6 and G10), bovine coronavirus, enterotoxigenic strains of Escherichia coli having the K99 pili adherence factor, and Clostridium perfringens type C. ScourGuard 4KC contains a liquid preparation of inactivated bovine rotavirus (serotypes G6 and G10) and coronavirus propagated on established cell lines, a K99 E. colibacterin, and Cl. perfringens type C toxoid. The vaccine is adjuvanted to enhance the immune response.

  • Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health

Ralgro® reliably stimulates weaning weights to maximize your pasture and bottom line. It’s the only implant containing zeranol – a safe and effective anabolic agent that contributes to sustainable beef production by improving weight gains without additional natural resources.

  • Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health

A powerful defense against 9 clostridial diseases. For vaccination of healthy cattle against diseases caused by Clostridium chauvoei, Cl. septicum, Cl. novyi Type B, Cl. haemolyticum,Cl. sordellii,Cl. tetani, and Cl. perfringens Types C & D.