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Career Info

Position: Livestock Animal Health Manager / Beef Specialist

To provide primarily livestock professional and technical support to Large Animal Business Unit through interactions with sales and marketing functions. Help local livestock operations with their feedlots and other aspects in animal health and routine care. 

Sales support

1. Become the  medical resource on large animal products with a major focus on beef.

2. Provide educational support and training to sales personnel and local producers.

3. Educate local producers, hold sales training meetings & such. 

4. Develop relationships with key accounts.

5. Participate in regional and national sales meetings.

6. Interact with practitioners and producers through presentations, face to face calls and at meetings and conferences

7. Contribute effectively to making sales goals

Other Support

1. Work closely with product marketing managers, marketing teams and marketing initiatives

2. Focus technical bulletins in response to marketing and sales needs

3. Collaborate with marketing in creation of marketing materials

4. Create PowerPoint presentations in response to sales, purchasing, buying, planning, and marketing needs

Additional responsibilities

1. Work with universities and colleges of veterinary medicine, key educators and influencers

2. Attend conferences and appropriate association meetings, taking an active and visible role especially in local events

3. Actively gather field information and possible new product development ideas

4. Respond to customer inquiries and suggested adverse events as needed

5.Stay current on the changing industry & local health issues to target in the area. 


1.Large animal experience-primarily beef (equine and dairy experience a plus)

2.DVM degree with large animal clinical experience-primarily beef (equine and dairy experience a plus)

3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills-writing, speaking, presenting, listening

4. Technical understanding of antimicrobials, immunology/vaccinology, lameness, EGUS and analytical

5. Self-motivated with strong work ethic and able to work within a dynamic team environment

6. Must effectively manage time/schedules, travel, expenses and budgets

7. Proficiency in MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel

*Candidates must be eligible to work in the US as well as meet the qualifications listed above in order to be considered for the position.

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