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  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health
  • Model Number: 365-7948

Each tablet contains 250 mg of oxytetracycline HCL. For beef and dairy calves. A broad spectrum antibiotic for the control and treatement of the following desases of beef and dairy calves caused by organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline: bacteria enteritis caused by Salmonella typhimuirum and Escherichia coli and bacterial pneumonia caused by Pasterella multocide.

Nutri-Drench for Cattle is measurable in the bloodstream in 10 minutes and 50% is absorbed within 30 minutes (99% utilization). Go on feed fast! Vital energy before, during and after shipping. Increase weight gain. Energy boost for newborn calves. Enables the scouring calf to assimilate critical nutrients. Reduce disease incident, treatment time and death loss. No withdrawal.

  • Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

RE-SORB® is an electrolyte-glycine powder that is mixed with water and administered orally to calves to treat dehydration associated with diarrhea (Scours) in calves.

Calf health, alertness, eagerness to feed and feed efficiency all track back to that first dose of colostrum. Quality colostrum contains the IgG proteins required to transfer the mother’s immunity to its calf to protect it from diseases. It also contains bioactive growth factors that trigger and support its nervous and digestive systems.

Lifeline® Rescue replaces colostrum for newborn dairy and beef calves when maternal colostrum is unavailable or of poor quality. Rescue offers added nutritional support to calves experiencing stress by providing 150 grams of globulin protein, plus essential nutrients and energy needed for optimal health and performance. For best results, Rescue must be fed within the first 24 hours following birth.

Supra Sulfa® III Calf Boluses are intended for oral administration to ruminating replacement calves (calves over one 1 month old that are not on an all-milk diet). Aids in the treatment of the following diseases when caused by one or more of the following pathogenic organisms sensitive to sulfamethazine: Bacterial Pneumonia, Colibacillosis and Calf Diphtheria.

  • UPC: 669504111050

Whenever a calf is born, minutes count.  Newborn calves need to get on their feet and get colostrum into their immature immune systems within the first few hours of life if they are going to obtain the passive immunity they need. Whether nursing its mother or hand-fed in a calf hutch, every newborn calf needs Nursemate ASAP. It is Operation First Step for newborn calves.

  • Manufacturer: Land O Lakes' Feed

LAND O LAKES® Herd Maker® Protein Blend Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) delivers a growth level of nutrition with a blend of proteins balanced for protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Available in 25 lb. and 50 lb. bags.

  • Manufacturer: Pfizer

Re-Sorb® is an electrolyte-glycine powder that is mixed with water and administered orally to calves to treat dehydration associated with diarrhea (Scours) in calves.

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.



For control of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii in cattle up to 800 lbs. For increased rate of weight gain in pasture cattle (stocker and feeder cattle and dairy and beef replacement heifers).

Available in bulk totes.

  • Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care

Sustain III Calf Boluses provide cattlemen with an effective antibiotic that lasts a full three days with just one treatment. Sustain III Boluses quickly reach therapeutic blood levels within six hours after administration, provide higher peak blood levels of sulfamethazine, and maintain therapeutic blood levels for a full three days. This one-two punch helps knock out diseases rapidly and surely.

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.

Introducing NEW LAND O LAKES® ProNurse® Multi Specie premium formula milk replacer. Meets nutritional requirements of orphan animals when properly mixed and fed. Our new multi specie milk replacer is ideal for 10 species of animals including; calves, goat kids & lambs, piglets, llama & alpaca crias, fawns, elk calves, puppies and kittens. 

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.

Start calves right. Calves are the future of every dairy herd and delivering proper nutrients right after birth is vital to their survival.  Feeding essential disease fighting antibodies and immunoglobulins (commonly called IgG) should be accomplished during the calf’s first critical hours of life.  LAND O LAKES® Colostrum Replacement is the only USDA Licensed Colostrum Replacement.

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.

Scours can occur as a result of pathogens and stressors, leading to electrolyte loss and dehydration, and in some cases, death. LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete is designed to aid in early prevention of dehydration, scours, heat or cold stress and electrolyte loss in young calves.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

LAND O LAKES® Nursing Formula Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) delivers a growth level of nutrition with a blend of proteins balanced for protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Available in a 50 lb. bag.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

A nutritious pelleted feed supplement designed for all livestock except sheep. 28% protein supplement containing milk products and other highly nutritious ingredients. Concentrated source of essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and high energy ingredients.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Purina® Calf Startena® Feed delivers the right balance of protein and energy for maximum growth through the first two months. A complete ration fortified with vitamins & minerals for feeding calves from 4 days through 2 months of age. Up to 15% faster growth rate in calves in the first 60 days, compared to conventional starters. Helps improve feed efficiency up to 12% - cost per pound of gain goes down. Fortified with vitamins & minerals - helps promote growth & development.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Purina® Calf Growena® Feed boosts early rumen development… helps speed growth…is balanced with protein and energy for earlier freshening…provides overall savings. Feed Calf Growena® from 2 months through 6 months of age. High protein, high energy, vitamin and mineral fortified. Balances hay to keep your cost low. Promotes rumen development with excellent performance.