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Heavy-Duty Flails and High Speed Rotor: The 2650 features an oil bath chain case to reverse the direction of the PTO, increasing the speed and effi ciency of the rotor by 20%! Patented shredder chamber with adjustable slug bars and 3 chain slat conveyor. Combining these features with the heavy duty fl ails and high speed rotor, the 2650 shredder chamber will process bales in any condition…….wet, frozen, old, new, or with fl at bottoms. The conveyor is slanted so it helps feed the hay/straw into the rotor. The adjustable slugbar allows the operator to adjust the length of the cut, even with a bale in the chamber. Right side discharge. Tractor hydraulic controls are located on the right side, the 2650’s right hand discharge makes it easy to look over your right shoulder and keep your hand on the controls. Two stage bale loader: The 2650 speeds up the loading process by allowing each bale to be lifted separately without disturbing the other bales. The bale loader al

  • Model Number: 2655

Shredder chamber with 9 adjustable slug bars and 3 chain slat conveyor. Two stage bale loader, easily adjustable slug bars, & rotor access door. Built with very powerful inline P.T.O. driveline and an oil bath chain case which increases rotor speed.