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Designed to buckle under the saddle swell to provide a quick and easy method of securing rope coils neatly at the base of the horn.

The BONES 2.0, from Heel-O-Matic, is the most advanced portable heading dummy on the market, combining a look and feel rivaled only by roping live cattle. The BONES 2.0 features an anatomically correct head, a lower headset, and gives headers the most common look they see roping live cattle. This helps ropers practice the proper swing angles, loop placement, and muscle memory to rope the horns.

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

The Game Changer is the newest rope from Cactus Ropes!  This is a 4-strand rope, Jake Long has been roping with and will be using at the NFR. This new rope features a full body for maximum loop coverage and enhanced consistency.  

  • Manufacturer: Fast Back

Fast Back Ropes, Inc. is excited to announce the release of their newest four-strand, the Centerfire. The Centerfire is a vibrant orange nylon-poly blend with no bounce. “We’ve had many requests to build a ‘dead’ rope,” says Al Benson, General Manager. “Fast Back is known for building ropes with a lot of body. This rope is a different feel that will have no bounce, but still hold up.”The Centerfire head rope will be slightly smaller than the heel rope. This rope has great tip feel and will stay put when delivered.

The Quick Release is made for tie on Heelers. With its simple release system, you simply pull up on the release handle when the tension of the rope relaxes, and let the rope, the Easy Now and QR1 go!

  • Manufacturer: Heel-O-Matic

Whether you’re a PRCA pro or just swinging your first rope, the heading dummy from Heel-O-Matic provides full curl practice sessions that will improve your accuracy, sharpen your skills, and give novice ropers a controlled practice experience to build rope handling skills.

  • Model Number: WRS-RopingDummies

Leg and body ends are stained for better looks and durability. All models are pre-drilled on head end to make it easier to mount a calf head on the dummy. The legs are a more life like angle than being straight up and down for more realistic tying. Adjustable tension on the legs for all models.

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

Cactus Ropes introduces the new 3-strand, 100% nylon Prodigy into Trevor Brazile's Relentless line. This rope combines snap, body, tip weight, and a consistent feel into a medium diameter rope. The Prodigy is the perfect 3-strand  complement to the TNT, Xplosion, and C-4, and a welcome addition into the Relentless line.

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

TNT is the newest  4-strand, nylon poly rope in the Relentless Arsenal. Headers will love how fast and easy the first swing comes with this small diameter rope that has huge tip weight. Heelers on the other hand will feel a full-bodied, smooth swinging, rope with one of the biggest diameters twisted by Cactus.

  • Manufacturer: Heel-O-Matic
  • Model Number: HOX

With the HOX, you can take the confidence you’ve built on your Heel-O-Matic Training Systems at home, on the road. Easily installed on trailers, fences and stalls, this is the most realistic stationary heeling dummy on the market. The hide-like wide legs have the ability to swing or lock into place for multiple positions, and its adjustable height and variable leg settings provide endless heeling scenarios. The collapsible, light-weight frame makes the Hox easy to store, transport and use anywhere you go.

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes
  • Model Number: magicloopbreakaway

The Magic Loop Breakaway is exactly the same size and weight as a tied rope honda.

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes
  • Model Number: shocknawe

We designed the Shock-N-Awe for ropers who like to reach. This is the smallest diameter rope we make, so your loops stay open and then snap shut. It's a great choice for all weather conditions and gives you an edge when roping little horns. The Shock-N-Awe's light weight makes it an excellent choice for younger or smaller ropers.

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes
  • Model Number: NuthinButNeck

Nuthin But Neck in the only breakaway hondo that has a consistent feel. It does NOT change the weight or alter your rope. It will outlast any breakaway that you have ever used. -Lari Dee Guy.

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes
  • Model Number: blackropinggloves

Our cotton Black Roping Gloves come in packages of 24 and are 100% cotton. Available in S, M and L sizes. Cotton roping gloves made by Ozark Saddle King, Fastback, Jerry Beagley, Heritage and Classic Ropes are also available for purchase.

Available in single compartment, deluxe, triple & more! Fastback, Classic Ropes, or Cactus Ropes.

Realistic legs anatomically correct for tying. The only goat that's comfortable to sit on. Comfortable and natural flank grip. Stands alone on tethered rope. Tough, durable and long lasting. Life-size rubberized foam material goat. Portable, haul anywhere. No feeding or watering. Store inside or outside. Approximately 16 lbs. Adjust the legs bolts to accommodate your style of gathering.

Ideal for families, young ropers, and fun community jackpots, a Ground-Drive SuperGoat is about the most fun you can have with a rope on foot! This new and improved SuperGoat works off a ground-driven pulley system, so you won’t need batteries.  It’s also got a shorter hop for a more realistic roping experience, and more durable frame, which will hold up to countless hours of use.

  • Manufacturer: Fast Back

Perfect dummy rope for small hands. Fast Back® Ropes is excited to introduce a new dummy rope for young cowboys and cowgirls. The Bottlerocket is ¼” in diameter with a length of 31 feet, perfect for those long throws needed to win a Dummy Roping.

Expose your bad habits, isolate and eliminate them. Learn correct technique, rope off the ground the same as you would off horse back. This is no ordinary dummy! Every part of its design is innovative and will help you rope better! No more aimless practice while waiting to rope, then throwing the same bad loop you did in the parking lot. Now you can practice as you would on horseback and go out truly warmed up ready to go!

  • Manufacturer: Heel-O-Matic

Each PRO is equipped with a turning head, collapsible horns, and a rear leg dally kit to let heelers practice their hard hits and accuracy.  We tipped our horns to eliminate hang-ups and provide a smoother release.  A new, additional spring in the head produces a snappy, quick return and a steady position when being pulled.

Flexible lifelike legs make it a perfect simulation to a real goat. Helps you learn and understand the basics quickly and easily. Allows you to improve your technique without struggling against the weight, resistance and agility of a live goat.

  • Manufacturer: Equibrand Corp

Classic® Rope's legacy of team rope innovations continues with the five strand Spydr 30' team rope. The Spydr is the latest addition in Coretech technology from Classic® Rope. So slim it appears light, but don't be deceived.

  • Manufacturer: Classic Ropes

The 30' Heat is the next generation four strand technology from Classic® Rope. Made from a blend of custom fibers and intricate twists, The Heat has set a new standard in rope feel and performance.

The NEW re-designed STREAK roping toy. Made from 1/2" pipe and fully equiped with 2 10' ropes. Pick a color. Also available in a full sized model. 3 different sizes.