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  • Manufacturer: Agrilabs

The first-of-its-kind delivery system, the VetGun™ provides a precise dosing with the pull of a trigger. The topical insecticide, AiM-L™, can be applied from as far away as 30 feet with no handling or stress for you or your cattle. You can give your cattle a break by eliminating the need to run cattle through a chute when treatment is needed, and it does not require additional labor or special handling facilities. It's more efficient, plan and simple.

Choose from two models, the straight 20 ft. alley only model, or the squeeze chute model. The alley only model features an adjustable width from 16 inches up to 32 inches along with a palpation door and a standard alley back stop. The total alley length is 20 ft. and the tub diameter has an outside radius of approximately 9ft. The tub and the adjustable alley side have a full length, extra wide catwalk for operator safety and convenience.

  • Manufacturer: For-Most

The For-Most small animal tip chute features a rugged self catching headgate. This allows the operator to be behind the animal and have the animal catch themselves with little or no assistance. This chute is designed to handle calves, sheep and goats with less stress on animal and operator.